Dear reviewer,

I’m aware that l10n can be a nuisance for a lot of developers – and some localizers (e.g. me) can be a real pain in the *** – but when reviewing a patch that involve a change of existing strings you only have a short and quick checklist to follow:

  • Does the patch fix a typo or does it make a substantial change to the string? In the first case just fixing the string is fine, in the latter case you need to change the string ID, since not all localization tools (or localizers who simply use a text editor) can catch this kind of change.
  • Are you changing a string ID? Always check if there’s an associated access key and maintain the relation STRINGID.label <-> STRINGID.accesskey (again, localization tools rely on this kind of structure).

Once in a while a mistake can happen, but three times in a few days seems a bit out of average 😉

Many of the Mozilla localizers have met @Moz08, the Mozilla summit in Whistler
Happy localizers in Whistler ’08 (source Tristan Nitot)







3 responses to “Dear reviewer,”

  1. dietrich Avatar

    Super useful post! We started a page here to document these requirements. Can you make sure everything there is right?

  2. flod Avatar

    Hi Dietrich, thanks! I made some small changes, hope they’re ok 😉

  3. Roxanna Avatar

    I’m gratfuel you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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