Category: photography

  • 5 Years Of Firefox (take #1)

    Canon EOS 40D, Canon 17-40mm ƒ4, tripod I know it’s early, but sometimes you have to seize the day (carpe diem!) 😉 On Flickr there’s also a partial desaturated version of the same photo. Technorati Tags: fotografia, firefox, wallpaper

  • 1 Billion

    Canon EOS 40D, Canon 17-40mm ƒ4, tripod Not completely satisfied with the final result (too many pins and not enough time), but here we go, celebrating 1 billion download of Firefox 🙂 Technorati Tags: firefox, billion

  • Firefox 3.5 Party in Milan

    Great fun and wonderful people 🙂 As usual, the entire set of photos of the Italian Firefox 3.5 Party is on Flickr. Technorati Tags: firefox 3.5 party, mozilla italia

  • Cheers from Geneva

    I really hate shooting with compact cameras (noise, small control on the settings, etc.), and this is the only photo that I took with my father’s Canon Ixus 90 IS during the Geneva meetup. Unfortunately, I already had too much luggage to carry also my usual equipment (see a couple of examples here or here)  […]

  • Another Firefox Wallpaper

    Canon EOS 40D, Canon 17-40mm ƒ4, tripod If you like it, there’s a whole set on Flickr 😉 Technorati Tags: fotografia, firefox wallpaper, mozilla wallpaper