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There are several WordPress plug-ins that allow to add Technorati tags at the end of your posts. In my experience with WordPress plug-ins, I tend to prefer the simpler ones for an elementary reason: usually reliability is inversely proportional to complexity 😉

On this basis I chose SimpleTags. SimpleTags allows to manage TAGS directly inside the WordPress editor: it’s possible to add tags as a list at the end of the post (syntax [tags ]…[/tags ], without spaces before the closing square brackets) or define TAGS progressively using the post’s content (with the syntax [tag ]example[/tag ], without spaces before the closing square brackets).

To improve the appearance of the results, you need to make little modifications to the plug-in code and the WordPress template.

Open simpletags.php with a text editor (possibly with syntax highlight support): you should see these two lines of code just after the initial comments

$pre_replacement = '

Technorati Tags: '; $post_replacement = '


You need to modify the variable $pre_replacement in order to add a class to the generated “Technorati Tags” paragraph:

$pre_replacement = '

Technorati Tags: '; $post_replacement = '


Now you have to save the image used for the icon in the images folder inside the current template and add this rule to the style sheet:

.tag_technorati {
background: transparent url(images/technorati.gif) no-repeat scroll left center;
padding: 8px 2px 8px 20px;

Obviously, if you want you can also modify the variable $pre_replacement to create a DIV instead of a paragraph.

Technorati Tags: , ,







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