Does Dell read blogs?

It seems so, or at least Dell reads blogs written in English since they skipped my Italian blog which has a lot of posts about the shipping delay of XPS M1330, much more visibility and a better ranking on Technorati.

This morning I was checking my blog stats and I saw a strange referer: (the exact URL is )

Since this domain is unreachable, I thought that it could be some sort of Intranet application. After a quick Google search, I found that maybe I wasn’t so far from the truth: Dell’s customer care reads blog posts about problems with Dell computers and contacts the author with a “personal” mail (but they didn’t contact me, maybe they have nothing to tell customers about this ridiculous delays).

A small note: shipping delay involves also other Dell notebooks. A friend of mine is still waiting an Inspiron 1720: first ESD on middle July, moved to August and then to September. Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

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3 responses to “Does Dell read blogs?”

  1. is not something that dell’s customer care uses to reply to or read blogs. “Fusion” is a tool used by dell to keep track of contacting back a customer (so technically your not far off) but its all over the phone support.

    – information came out of a dell tech while working on an issue. they made a “fusion” to call me back the next day.

  2. PS the end ID number is like a reference number “id=7088301 ” looking it up within the dell tools it would contains your information like your last post. a link to this page and tells that it was closed becuase no one contacted you or the troubleshooting done already to help the next tech.

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