Does Dell read blogs?

It seems so, or at least Dell reads blogs written in English since they skipped my Italian blog which has a lot of posts about the shipping delay of XPS M1330, much more visibility and a better ranking on Technorati.

This morning I was checking my blog stats and I saw a strange referer: (the exact URL is )

Since this domain is unreachable, I thought that it could be some sort of Intranet application. After a quick Google search, I found that maybe I wasn’t so far from the truth: Dell’s customer care reads blog posts about problems with Dell computers and contacts the author with a “personal” mail (but they didn’t contact me, maybe they have nothing to tell customers about this ridiculous delays).

A small note: shipping delay involves also other Dell notebooks. A friend of mine is still waiting an Inspiron 1720: first ESD on middle July, moved to August and then to September. Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

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  1. urgodiam Avatar
    urgodiam is not something that dell’s customer care uses to reply to or read blogs. “Fusion” is a tool used by dell to keep track of contacting back a customer (so technically your not far off) but its all over the phone support.

    – information came out of a dell tech while working on an issue. they made a “fusion” to call me back the next day.

  2. urgodiam Avatar

    PS the end ID number is like a reference number “id=7088301 ” looking it up within the dell tools it would contains your information like your last post. a link to this page and tells that it was closed becuase no one contacted you or the troubleshooting done already to help the next tech.

  3. flod Avatar


    Thanks for the explanation 😉

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