Mozilla Italia & SUMO in Geneva

This is the presentation we did, as Mozilla Italia, during the first great EU Intercommunity Meetup in Geneva.

In the last year I joined several Mozilla meetings – Whistler and Barcelona in 2008, Fosdem and Geneva in 2009 – and I feel that this last one in Geneva had the best format in terms of “productivity”: few people, around 20, with common experiences and problems can really try to identify and solve problems.

I have a lot of things to think about for the next months: localized Litmus (and localized tests) to expand the local QA community, how to reproduce in our site the “tasks” used by the Mozilla Hispano guys to track unfinished or new works, effective ways to involve new contributors (see also the previous post).

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3 responses to “Mozilla Italia & SUMO in Geneva”

  1. […] I really hate shooting with compact cameras (noise, small control on the settings, etc.), and this is the only photo that I took with my father’s Canon Ixus 90 IS during the Geneva meetup. […]

  2. David Tenser Avatar

    Was really exciting to learn more about your experiences with SUMO. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. flod Avatar

    Thanks David, I really hope that this discussion will be useful for SUMO’s future 🙂

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