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  • Goodbye Jooliaan

    Today is a sad day for Mozilla, not just for the Italian community but for the Mozilla Community as a whole. We just learned that Giuliano Masseroni, aka jooliaan, passed away last night. jooliaan, even if he hasn’t been active for a few years, had a crucial role in the growth of the Italian community […]

  • Mozilla Italia at Fa’ la cosa giusta 2013

    Last weekend, March 15-17, Mozilla Italia took part in Fa’ la cosa giusta 2013 in Milan (Fa’ la cosa giusta means Do the right thing!). For our association this was the fourth time in this particular event: we participated from 2007 to 2009, then we moved to Florence for a couple of years (event called […]

  • What needs to happen before you open your eyes?

    As already happened in the past on this blog, this is a guest post from my friend Iacopo Benesperi (iacchi), a long-standing member of the Italian Mozilla community. I agree with him that we’re living hard times, what’s happening inside our (small) community is probably happening elsewhere. And if it’s not clear, this post is […]

  • Firefox 3.5 Party in Milan

    Great fun and wonderful people 🙂 As usual, the entire set of photos of the Italian Firefox 3.5 Party is on Flickr. Technorati Tags: firefox 3.5 party, mozilla italia

  • Mozilla Italia & SUMO in Geneva

    This is the presentation we did, as Mozilla Italia, during the first great EU Intercommunity Meetup in Geneva. SUMO and Mozilla Italia View more PDF documents from flod. In the last year I joined several Mozilla meetings – Whistler and Barcelona in 2008, Fosdem and Geneva in 2009 – and I feel that this last […]

  • Local communities, always the same faces?

    This post will probably end up as a stream of disconnected thoughts more than a well structured analysis, but it’s something that has bothered me for months and it’s quite difficult to choose a starting point and not to get lost in the middle. The problem is easy: is your local Mozilla community growing? If […]

  • Firefox hangs because of malware

    In the last few weeks, starting from the end of March, we noticed a strange spike in requests on the Italian support forum. The symptoms described were always the same: Pages stop loading after a few minutes of normal browsing. When the user tries to restart the browser he gets the error message “Firefox is […]

  • Photos from Fa’ la cosa giusta 2009

    You can see on Flickr the complete set of photos that I took yesterday at Fa’ la cosa giusta in Milan (Italy). It was a real pleasure to see again in person the other guys from the Italian localization project (we are spread all over the country, so it’s quite hard for us to meet […]