Alive and well

Ok, I’ve finally found the time to upgrade this blog to WordPress 2.5.1 and update a bunch of plugins – many thanks to my summery insomnia.

A brief summary about the last period, since the last post is over 7 months old:

  • I’ve met a lot of interesting people, like Mike Schroepfer (photos) and Matt Mullenwegg (photos)
  • my personal collection of Mozilla wallpapers is growing
  • Firefox 3 is out (did you notice it? 😛 ), and this is my first release as a lead localizer (for Italian language)
  • the new design of Mozilla’s sites is awesome
  • this summer I will attend the Firefox Summit 2008 in Whistler (Canada)
  • a lot of news in the tech stuff area: sold the PowerBook G4 and waiting for a 2.5Ghz 15″ MacBook Pro (ETA middle of the next week), replaced the main desktop with a Dell Vostro 400 (Q6600 2.40Ghz, 2x500GB Raid1, 4GB di RAM, nVidia Geforce 8800GT 512MB), bought an Asus eeepc (photo)

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Here we go

This is the first post on my brand new blog: Yet Another Tech Blog.

My name is Francesco, I’m a 30 years old Italian guy and I work as a self employed IT consultant in the north of Italy: I provide hardware/software support to small business customers on Windows desktop platforms and I do a little of web and software development.

I’m not new to web-logs: I’ve been writing on my italian blog for almost three years now, but this is my first attempt to write a blog in English.

Why in English? Italian is a great language, but the audience is quite limited: with this blog I hope to reach new (and different) readers. Also, since my English skills are far from good, this blog would be a sort of training area: if you find errors (and you will find a bunch of them), feel free to comment and point them out 😉

So, what will you find in this blog? Since I’m a technology whore, you will read a lot of posts about technology stuff: I own 8 computers (both Mac and pc) and I’ve just ordered a new Dell XPS M1330 (on june, 29th). I’m also an amateur photographer (this is my Flickr account) and an Open Source fan: I’m responsible for the italian localization of Mozilla-Europe and Mozilla Add-ons sites, start pages, I collaborate on the Italian localization of Firefox and Thunderbird, I’m an administrator of the italian Mozilla support forum and one of the founders of the eXtenZilla project.
Maybe you will also read some thoughts about Italy and Italian life.

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