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  • Survey for Ubiquity localization

    How can we localize this set of commands in Italian (see Mitcho’s post)? 1. search HELLO 2. search HELLO with google 3. translate HELLO from English to French 4. lookup the weather for PLACE 5. shop for SHOES with Amazon 6. email HELLO to Bill 7. email HELLO to ADDRESS 8. map PLACE 9. find […]

  • Thinking Ubiquity in Italian

    Since I read this post about “Thinking Ubiquity in Portoguese” and Mitcho’s blog, I started asking to myself: what are the challenges of localizing Ubiquity in Italian? Quoting from the same post (bolds are mine) Since Ubiquity provides a natural language interface between the user and the computer, the way that the user interacts with […]