Funny Microsoft

Since the ie8-only contest wasn’t enough, take a look at this shameless browser comparison (and read the explanations).


Seriously, I think that the author of that page doesn’t even really know what Firefox and Chrome look like…

(thanks to Tiziano for sharing this)

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14 responses to “Funny Microsoft”

  1. William D - AKA FuzzyFox Avatar

    It looks like the people at microsoft have it the wrong way around for most of the chart. Poor old fools. They’ve lost their minds. But I think that some form of official complaint is needed from Mozilla and Google at this as MS are flat out lying to their customers by this chart.

  2. Quxxy Avatar

    I wonder if Mozilla and Google could sue for defamation…

  3. Orrin Avatar

    I call libel.

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  5. John Silvestri Avatar

    To play Devil’s Advocate, I would point out that Firefox 3.5 isn’t out yet, so one can’t rightly compare Private Browsing Mode to IE8’s InPrivate. OTOH, it’s completely unfair to ignore Chrome’s Incognito. Regarding Security+Privacy, it’s funny how they fail to point out that they’re more likely violating your privacy in the interest of security by sending every URL you visit to Microsoft. That is why I turn their phishing filter /off/ at the expense of security.

    This comment was happily written in Fx3.0.11. 🙂

    P.S. I just read further:
    “Neither Firefox nor Chrome provide guidance or enterprise tools. That’s just not nice.”

    They are *absolutely* correct, and I really wish Mozilla would put more effort behind this. This has kept me from implementing Firefox for a not insignificant audience. (I’d be long dead if I held my breath since it was stated that 1.5 would be released with an MSI.) Mozilla is missing a huge market by focusing strictly on home users.

  6. Bill Barry Avatar
    Bill Barry

    I guess when nothing else works, MS still has a marketing department…

    Quite ironic how this is on their “Get the facts” site.

  7. JB Avatar

    It is kind of funny Microsoft even made that chart. I can tell you about a serious fail on Microsoft’s part regarding IE 8:


    Microsoft SharePoint’s explorer view is b0rked in IE8 yet works flawlessly in both IE7 and IE6.


  8. David Naylor Avatar

    Hahaha, that table is hilarious!

    IE8 gets a tick for “Ease of use”. They’re forgetting that IE8 has *two* tools menus which contain different stuff. And *two* favorites menus, also with different things.

    “Internet Explorer 8 is more compatible with more sites on the Internet than any other browser.”

    Big lol … I guess that’s why they needed to invent Compatibility mode/view?

    “Web standards: It’s a tie”

    Again, LMAO. How is IE8 tied to either Chrome or Firefox when it comes to web standards?

  9. BartZilla Avatar

    I don’t know MSIE at all and I haven’t tested Google Chrome yet, but I can confirm that Mozilla Firefox has some very serious problems regarding privacy (even with “Private Browsing” mode enabled)… See demo.

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  11. Stephane Loeuillet Avatar

    I second John Silvestri about the fact that Mozilla doesn’t provides .MSI for its products so it’s harder to deploy for Win Sysadmins.

    Once it would be done, Firefox corporate usage could rise to the top

  12. flod Avatar

    I agree with you all about the lack of a “corporate strategy”, and the .msi package is only the tip of the iceberg 🙁

  13. Stephane Loeuillet Avatar

    Lets add automatic proxy setting, browser lock-down via domain policy, …

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