European Browser Choice (With Screenshots)

[sound track] Woke up this morning, don’t believe what I saw… 😛

Note: I’ve received the update only on my HTPC (Windows Vista Ultimate English with Italian language pack), still nothing on my notebook (Windows 7 Ultimate Italian). I suppose the original language of the OS is the discriminant.

Update KB976002 is finally available.

Nothing happens after installing. If you reboot the system, you’ll see the Choice Screen (note also the new icon on the desktop).

First layer browsers in pseudo-random order.

Some “WTF moments”:

  • The “Learn More” link opens in a new Internet Explorer window, not inside the Choice Screen as I expected.
  • After downloading and installing Firefox as default browser, the “Browser Choice” icon is not removed.

P.S. There’s also a Belorussian version of this article

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4 responses to “European Browser Choice (With Screenshots)”

  1. Kroc Camen Avatar

    Ha! How ironic, I just this second blogged about my browser choice experience, my “WTF moments” go way beyond what you got 🙂 This thing is properly broken.

  2. Daniele Avatar

    I love , IE doesn’t exist 😛 very funny!!! LOL 🙂

  3. Jifahamu kenya Foundation Avatar

    The world now is like a village,we are like one community on this planet.Internet has brought us together,facebook is our drawing table.

  4. Neeraj Avatar

    Hey IE is also a browser. How fast it is dying out in the market share of chrome and firefox is really worth thinking.

    Few years back it had almost 90% of the market share.

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