Native Localized Android Build

Not without difficulties or issues, but it seems we finally have a localized native build on Android. Kudos to all people involved, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of work behind this small screenshot (and there’s still a lot more to do).

Having said that, I still wish for better communication toward the project’s “periphery” (see for example how lively is). When I found out that a native build was going to be released as Firefox 11 I was seriously annoyed: what about localized builds? Then I discovered on Mobile Test Drivers‘ mailing list that localization for Firefox 11 would start on aurora instead of central. Good to know, too bad I had absolutely no clue about that 😉



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  2. Axel Hecht Avatar

    Who said that localization would start on aurora?

    I didn’t know, for sure, and I wouldn’t phrase it like that.

    Anywho, I don’t know when and how we’ll do a post-mortem on fennec l10n, but now is a bad time, and this is probably a bad place, so I’ll not go into it.

  3. flod Avatar

    Now I’m even more confused.

    The discussion can be found in the mailing list: Alex Keybl answered to my question that Firefox 11 will be released as a native build, being Firefox 11 on Aurora right now my conclusion was “Ok, so we’ll start localizing Firefox from aurora instead of central”.

  4. Axel Hecht Avatar

    I was pretty sure we published somewhere that the native UI was moving along with 11, but I can’t find any traces of it.

    The l10n side of it didn’t go as planned often, that’s why there’s been few announcement. What good do they do if they get revised the next day.

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