Month: June 2009

  • Bad Localization Example (Java on OS X)

    This is the dialog window that appears when you try to run a Java Applet on Mac OS X 10.5.7 with the last Java update (I’m running Java 1.5.0_19 according to this test). Take a look at the checkbox: In Italian it’s “l’accesso” (definite article+noun), not “laccesso”. The same error appears in the first label, […]

  • Funny Microsoft

    Since the ie8-only contest wasn’t enough, take a look at this shameless browser comparison (and read the explanations). Seriously, I think that the author of that page doesn’t even really know what Firefox and Chrome look like… (thanks to Tiziano for sharing this) Technorati Tags: microsoft, browser comparison

  • I Hate Accesskeys

    As usual, before the final release we’re doing a lot of QA work on our localized Firefox builds, and this includes a careful check on accesskeys. There are two different issues with accesskeys: use of a character not available in the label. For example: using “F” as accesskey for “Shiretoko” creates a label “Shiretoko (F)”. […]

  • Cheers from Geneva

    I really hate shooting with compact cameras (noise, small control on the settings, etc.), and this is the only photo that I took with my father’s Canon Ixus 90 IS during the Geneva meetup. Unfortunately, I already had too much luggage to carry also my usual equipment (see a couple of examples here or here)  […]

  • Mozilla Italia & SUMO in Geneva

    This is the presentation we did, as Mozilla Italia, during the first great EU Intercommunity Meetup in Geneva. SUMO and Mozilla Italia View more PDF documents from flod. In the last year I joined several Mozilla meetings – Whistler and Barcelona in 2008, Fosdem and Geneva in 2009 – and I feel that this last […]

  • Local communities, always the same faces?

    This post will probably end up as a stream of disconnected thoughts more than a well structured analysis, but it’s something that has bothered me for months and it’s quite difficult to choose a starting point and not to get lost in the middle. The problem is easy: is your local Mozilla community growing? If […]