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  • Why l10n should be involved in UI redesign

    Take a look at this mock-up of the new Privacy panel: looks great, doesn’t it? But for me it’s just a l10n nightmare. When you localize software, you have two possibilities (at least in Italian): be informal and use the second-person singular be formal and use passive forms and third-person singular The second one is […]

  • D’oh!

    That’s why I hate string freezes: from green to a billion strings missing in one second 🙁 Technorati Tags: string freeze

  • Photos from Fa’ la cosa giusta 2009

    You can see on Flickr the complete set of photos that I took yesterday at Fa’ la cosa giusta in Milan (Italy). It was a real pleasure to see again in person the other guys from the Italian localization project (we are spread all over the country, so it’s quite hard for us to meet […]

  • Thinking Ubiquity in Italian

    Since I read this post about “Thinking Ubiquity in Portoguese” and Mitcho’s blog, I started asking to myself: what are the challenges of localizing Ubiquity in Italian? Quoting from the same post (bolds are mine) Since Ubiquity provides a natural language interface between the user and the computer, the way that the user interacts with […]

  • About Localization-QA survey results

    This post started as a comment on Seth’s blog, but the resulting thoughts were too long for a comment 😉 Conclusion:  Litmus manual tests are important and hard to automate to replace visual verification.  Has everyone played with Litmus? I agree, Litmus tests are important (and, to be honest, quite boring) but they’re not enough. […]

  • Plugin manager for Firefox 3 (pre alpha 8)

    In the current nightly versions of Firefox 3 (pre alpha8) there’s an interesting new feature: a plug-in manager, accessible as a panel in the Add-ons window. In this way users can manage their plug-ins, uninstall and disable them on the fly 😉 Technorati Tags: Firefox 3, plug-ins manager, pre alpha 8