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  • Back From Canada

    Back to Italy from Vancouver the Summit of Awesomeness, still trying to catch up with the jet lag (9 hours). If you want to see some photos of the trip – both from Vancouver and the Summit in Whistler – I created a set on Flickr: feel free to add tags, comments or people to […]

  • European Browser Choice (With Screenshots)

    [sound track] Woke up this morning, don’t believe what I saw… 😛 Note: I’ve received the update only on my HTPC (Windows Vista Ultimate English with Italian language pack), still nothing on my notebook (Windows 7 Ultimate Italian). I suppose the original language of the OS is the discriminant. Update KB976002 is finally available. Nothing […]

  • Followers Or Leaders?

    This is a sort of guest post, since it’s the English translation of an article originally published in Italian by Giacomo Magnini (prometeo), a long time contributor to the Italian Mozilla community. Even if I don’t agree with him on some points, I share the overall feeling that comes from his considerations and I thought […]

  • 5 Years Of Firefox (take #1)

    Canon EOS 40D, Canon 17-40mm ƒ4, tripod I know it’s early, but sometimes you have to seize the day (carpe diem!) 😉 On Flickr there’s also a partial desaturated version of the same photo. Technorati Tags: fotografia, firefox, wallpaper

  • 1 Billion

    Canon EOS 40D, Canon 17-40mm ƒ4, tripod Not completely satisfied with the final result (too many pins and not enough time), but here we go, celebrating 1 billion download of Firefox 🙂 Technorati Tags: firefox, billion

  • Funny Microsoft

    Since the ie8-only contest wasn’t enough, take a look at this shameless browser comparison (and read the explanations). Seriously, I think that the author of that page doesn’t even really know what Firefox and Chrome look like… (thanks to Tiziano for sharing this) Technorati Tags: microsoft, browser comparison

  • Local communities, always the same faces?

    This post will probably end up as a stream of disconnected thoughts more than a well structured analysis, but it’s something that has bothered me for months and it’s quite difficult to choose a starting point and not to get lost in the middle. The problem is easy: is your local Mozilla community growing? If […]

  • Firefox hangs because of malware

    In the last few weeks, starting from the end of March, we noticed a strange spike in requests on the Italian support forum. The symptoms described were always the same: Pages stop loading after a few minutes of normal browsing. When the user tries to restart the browser he gets the error message “Firefox is […]

  • Survey for Ubiquity localization

    How can we localize this set of commands in Italian (see Mitcho’s post)? 1. search HELLO 2. search HELLO with google 3. translate HELLO from English to French 4. lookup the weather for PLACE 5. shop for SHOES with Amazon 6. email HELLO to Bill 7. email HELLO to ADDRESS 8. map PLACE 9. find […]

  • Localizer: Follow That Address!

    A brief follow-up to the previous post: after the discussion held in, a new pseudo account has been created in Bugzilla (see bug 484645) to track changes that affect the localization process in an earlier stage. If you’re a localizer, maybe it’s a good choice to follow that account: in BugZilla’s Preferences, open the […]